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CSLA.Net framework for developing business objects.

I have been fan of CSLA.Net(component-based, scalable, logical architecture) framework since early days of my career had ported it from VB.Net to C# then. This framework comes handy for development of N-Tier architecture. Following are the feature highlights. Tracking Broken Business Rules Tracking Whether the Object Has Changed Strongly Typed Collections of Child Objects Simple and… Continue reading CSLA.Net framework for developing business objects.

C# · Functional Programming · Hakell

Why functional programming?

Functional programming is not a silver bullet, but learning it will indeed add to the knowledge of every software engineer about solving problem in different a way. One can always implement functional style of programming in any imperative language they use. Advantages: For analysis of mathematical problem that requires human analysts, it is possible to represent… Continue reading Why functional programming?