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Historical Volatility

The code snippet is capable of calculating historical volatility using Close Price, High Low Price and Close High Low Price methods. Simply provide symbol, start date and end date of the specific volatility method and it extracts the market data from the yahoo service and calculated the volatility. open System open System.IO open System.Xml open… Continue reading Historical Volatility


Open new window with its own UI thread.

The code below speaks for itself on how to open multiple windows which have there own dispatcher. private void CreateNewWindow() { Thread thread = new Thread(() => { Window1 w = new Window1(); w.Show(); w.Closed += (sender2, e2) => w.Dispatcher.InvokeShutdown(); System.Windows.Threading.Dispatcher.Run(); }); thread.SetApartmentState(ApartmentState.STA); thread.Start(); }


Project Tuva from microsoft research.

http://research.microsoft.com/apps/tools/tuva/index.html Microsoft research project tuva home page explains it like this: “Project Tuva explores core scientific concepts and theories through presenting timeless videos with its new enchanced Video Player featuring searchable video, linked transcripts, notes, and interactive extras” It was amazing to see and hear Dr. Richard Feynman’s lecture on “Law of Gravitation” at Cornell… Continue reading Project Tuva from microsoft research.