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RoutedEvent to Command action behavior (Blend 3).

Blend 3 has added two new assemblies which consists of new functionalities including advance behaviors Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll System.Windows.Interactivity.dll These advance behavior classes lets you create attached behaviors with simplicity. Code snippet below shows how to create a behavior which can be applied on any UIElement’s Routed event and when that event is triggered the given command… Continue reading RoutedEvent to Command action behavior (Blend 3).


WPF ConverterParameter

Just came to my knowledge and want share with people.  <TextBlock Text=”{Binding Path=ABCD, Converter={StaticResource FormatConv}, ConverterParameter='{0:C}’}” /> The above code wont work i know there is nothing wrong in there but still compiler would complianed about it. One needs to add {}  in the ConverterParameter value and that will solve the problem. ConverterParameter='{}{0:C}’


WPF Dispatcher using PriorityQueue

I am sure everyone using WPF know about Dispacther and how it works but i was more curious to see how it implementes the work prioritization. So i opened the Reflector and disassembled the System.Windows.Threading dll. private PriorityQueue PriorityQueue(); For people who do not know about PriorityQueues please visit The best part about the priority queues… Continue reading WPF Dispatcher using PriorityQueue