Project Tuva from microsoft research.

http://research.microsoft.com/apps/tools/tuva/index.html Microsoft research project tuva home page explains it like this: “Project Tuva explores core scientific concepts and theories through presenting timeless videos with its new enchanced Video Player featuring searchable video, linked transcripts, notes, and interactive extras” It was amazing to see and hear Dr. Richard Feynman’s lecture on “Law of Gravitation” at Cornell… Continue reading Project Tuva from microsoft research.

C# · Functional Programming · Hakell

Why functional programming?

Functional programming is not a silver bullet, but learning it will indeed add to the knowledge of every software engineer about solving problem in different a way. One can always implement functional style of programming in any imperative language they use. Advantages: For analysis of mathematical problem that requires human analysts, it is possible to represent… Continue reading Why functional programming?

Blend 3 · Mvvm · WPF

RoutedEvent to Command action behavior (Blend 3).

Blend 3 has added two new assemblies which consists of new functionalities including advance behaviors Microsoft.Expression.Interactions.dll System.Windows.Interactivity.dll These advance behavior classes lets you create attached behaviors with simplicity. Code snippet below shows how to create a behavior which can be applied on any UIElement’s Routed event and when that event is triggered the given command… Continue reading RoutedEvent to Command action behavior (Blend 3).